Hello World!

Hello Internet World!

This is the beginning of my story as told from the middle of my life.

So who am I and why do I think anyone would be interested in hearing my story. Well I could say that it is because my friends think that I have hysterical life stories and the way I tell them. Sort of like a romantic comedy but never one that actual works out the way it does in movies.  I’m the main character in the movie but more like the side kick who always finds herself in these super awkward situations.   The truth is I am finding myself on the back side of my 30’s, having spent the last 5 years “finding” or “reconnecting” to myself, changing my view of my career and going through a painful break up.

In doing so I found myself reading lots of blogs, books, listening to podcasts, pinning “meaningful” memes, and scrolling through social media.  Essentially looking for suggestions in traversing this thing called life we are all trying to figure out.   I came up with one thought – “This is all bull shit!”

To clarify; I believe in self help, and therapy and positivity and all of the things that I found when I was searching for a way to relate to others; searching to see if someone else felt the way I did. What I couldn’t find was something authentic. I found a lot of advice, but who was talking about what is real.  I couldn’t find was anything that showed me how people got to that place where they had that “Ahhh” moment.  Not everyone who was touting these mantras just became enlightened, we go through stuff to get there.  Thats the story I want to hear.

So I decided to tell what I know of as real. Some of it will be funny, some of it will be sad, and for sure some of it will be weird. All of it will be unfiltered and real; so if you are offended easily consider this your warning.

I know that my truth may not be other people’s truth, and surely my story is not everyone’s story; but I have something to say…